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Stilt Walker are a Melbourne-based entertainment business that uses the Art of Stilt Walking, Theater, Improv, Music, Singing, Dancing, & Entertainment! From Cocktail Hour to Children's parties to corporate events with a twist, we are the Premier, Professional, Event Company in Melbourne. Evolved from the Melbourne stilt scene we offer a unique service which combines our passion for entertainment and the art of stilt walking. We have created a range of performances that fuse the charisma of theater, the spontaneity of improvisation, and the art of street performance. A little bit about the background of stilt walking… In the 1800s, the shepherds of the Landes region of southern France used to watch their flocks while standing on stilts to extend their field of vision. The roads were non-existent and the ground was marshy and uneven, so the people of Landes developed a unique mode of transportation to allow them to get over the rough ground: they walked on stilts everywhere! Call us today on 0481818178

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